Client's Bill of Rights

Our Responisibilities As Your Advisor


Weintraub Financial, LLC believes that the needs of the investor always take precedence, including the right to high-quality products and services. To that end, we have developed the following list of investor rights:

•Investors should expect their financial advisor's assistance in helping them identify their investment goals and risk tolerance.

• Investors should expect their financial
advisor's assistance in setting realistic
expectations about the potential longterm risk and returns associated with different investments.

• Investors should be provided with
responsible investment recommendations based on their objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and other factors they disclose to their financial advisor.

• Investors should be treated in a fair,
ethical, and respectful manner in all
interactions with their financial advisor.

• Investors have the right to competent and courteous service, and advice at a fair price.

• Investors have the right to clear and accurate explanations of their transactions.

• Investors have the right to know and understand the commissions and fees associated with their accounts.

• Investor statements should provide timely and accurate account transactional information and should reflect all positions held.

• Weintraub Financial, LLC will not sell, distribute, or make public any private investor or account information.

Investors have the right to fair consideration and a prompt
response should a problem arise with their accounts.